COREtec™ WCP Waterproof Flooring

COREtec™ – A WPC that is the New Breed of LVT

There are a wide variety of natural and synthetic flooring options available to the homeowner but, none of them are as aesthetically pleasing, highly versatile or remarkably affordable as the wood plastic composite (WPC), known as COREtec™®‚ manufactured by US Floors™. Similar to luxury vinyl tile, this WPC product is indeed a unique material unto itself. In fact, it combines the best of both the natural and synthetic worlds by using wood fibers and pulp, plus a number of synthetic binders and stabilizers. Here are a few things to know if you are considering it for use in your home:

The COREtec™ storyWhen US Floors™ decided to develop the next best thing in luxury vinyl flooring, they wanted to create something that was dimensionally stable under even the worst of conditions. With that thought in mind, they created COREtec™ – a wood plastic composite material. A new breed of LVT, it is impervious to water and thus will never swell. For the same reason, no expansion joints are needed at installation. Since COREtec™ is manufactured from a variety of synthetic materials, it is naturally resistant to odor causing mold and mildew. Finally, COREtec™ has a cork underlayment that provides a softer overall “foot feel” and a quieter audio ambiance.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Super Durable
  • Does not expand and contract
  • Attached cork backing is great for sound insulation

When and where to use itCOREtec Plus™ flooring is ideal for use in spaces such as damp basements, communal bathrooms and even the main space of a pool house. COREtec™ flooring resists everything that man and Mother Nature can throw at it – even on the worst night. It is 100% waterproof so rain and snow do not affect it, nor does a deluge of water from the swimming pool. Insects and other pests take no interest in it as most of its composition is inedible. COREtec™ combines a highly durable core with a durable laminate top layer. The result is a floor that performs like wood but lasts like concrete. It is a truly remarkable marriage of both form and function.

Aesthetics, too! COREtec™ is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. It mimics almost every type of wood floor available including pine, oak, walnut and hickory – and all with beveled edges. Normally COREtec™ is installed without glue so that “cupping” and “gapping” are never a problem. The 5” planks truly give the look and feel of a wood floor. In addition, it is an excellent choice to lay over damaged subfloors as it does not telegraph any imperfections to its surface like traditional vinyl flooring. Finally, six different matching moldings – quarter round, t-molding, baby threshold, reducer, stair cap and flush stair nose – are available for any of the COREtec™ flooring styles.

COREtec™ is an excellent choice for use in any part of the country but is especially suitable where wind and weather will have the most effect on flooring – lake, shore or ski houses, for example. It will easily handle both the wide variations in temperature and the tremendous amount of moisture inherent in these environments.


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