Porcelain Tile


Using porcelain tile is a savvy way to create astounding patterns in flooring with a touch of class. Join elegant homes old and new in the use of this material for lasting beauty.

Porcelain tile is produced in multiple colors, shapes and sizes with elegant patterns. The tile is sold in shimmering polished, embossed and matte finishes. The production process lets a polish enter the surface of the material as a final phase, eliminating the need for a glaze. If you’d like a design consultation set an appointment with one of our consultants.

Homes have been made beautiful with lovely glazed tiles used on floors and decorative wall coverings for centuries. Give a room a smooth look of elegance or make it look shockingly romantic ; these tiles can look as dark as polished wood or as light as the sky on a clear day.

Porcelain tile will stand the test of time under the pressure of moving furniture, serious spills and heavy walking traffic. The increased density also makes this material stronger and freeze-thaw resistant – a smart choice for any space and application! The strength of this product is a primary reason it is preferred on floors in busy and commercial places.

Because of the durability of porcelain tile, its applications can be quite varied. Areas that are prone to dampness, like the kitchen and bath, are exceptional areas to incorporate this tile since it is not porous. Its robust nature makes it perfect for your outdoor and pool settings with multiple sizes and textures to harmonize beauty and practicality as well.

There are no boundaries to how impressive the options of porcelain tile are – in a herringbone pattern using a porcelain white marble, a faux-wood plank look or a glossy porcelain sandstone. Porcelain tile can be combined with other flooring materials to create a unique look in a home or stand alone to create floor patterns that look exquisite – and often better than real natural stone!

These tiles are provided in many sizes both in large format and small: 18 X 18, 12 X 24, 24 X 24, 12 X 12, 6 X 24, as well as small mosaic formats.

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