Metal Tile


For a completely unique and stunning appearance, metal tile is second to none. Depending on your decorative eye, a little metal tile can go a long way to give any project an astounding look. From impressive backsplashes to beautifully rendered floor designs, metal tile is becoming a more and more popular choice among homeowners. Contact us for a unique design consultation utilizing metal tiles.


Many of the most impressive metal tiles available are small enough to give you plenty of flexibility when solidifying your tile design. Metal tiles tend to range from between 2 inches in size up to nearly 12 inches. The relatively small tile size and intricate detail make many metal tiles ideal for providing fresh accents to any home. Create eye-catching metal tile mosaic designs, or perhaps something a little more simplistic, for gorgeous wall inserts or inspiring trim.


Some may prefer metal tiles composed of resin, complete with a vibrant metallic glaze. Metal tiles are also available in stunning solid forms, comprised of brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, pewter, gold or silver. Many of these metals will also form an engaging natural patina over time, giving any room a timeless feel. Metal tiles are available with embossed designs, rough, polished, glossy and handmade finishes, among others.


To compliment earth tones, bronze or copper metal tiles are an excellent choice. However, if you would like to dazzle your guests, silver and gold provide absolutely amazing visual appeal and shine. There is plenty of room for color integration with metal tiles and many can be created according to completely customized specifications. Get in touch with a trusted metal tile contractor at Great Western Flooring to learn more.


One thing you will never have to worry about with metal tiles is durability. Metal tiles are quite resilient under the weight of foot traffic and they are also very easy to keep clean. Simply wash metal tiles with mild detergent and water to preserve the brilliant glow.


Metal tiles can bring virtually any room to life. Bathroom floors, kitchens, walls and backsplashes can all be dramatically enhanced with the right metal tiles. The unmatched durability and sophisticated appearance of metal tiles makes them the perfect artistic medium when revamping an otherwise dull or boring room. For those who want to take home improvement into completely innovative territory, metal tiles may be exactly what you are looking for.

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