Handcrafted Tile


Artisan and handcrafted tile is quite common in many parts of the world nowadays. If you love the organic nature of building materials and you want to add a unique, exotic, and timeless touch to your flooring, these tiles are ideal for your finishes..

Handcrafted tile is created by hand by artisan tile experts, just as the name implies. The tiles are made with intense attention to detail and are all truly one-of-a-kind. The beauty of these tiles comes from the variations in shades, color and texture. All artisan tile and handcrafted tile – be it a glass, stone or metal – have these variations intentionally to contribute to the rarity of each piece and to enhance each exclusive look for a wide range of consumer projects.

Great Western Flooring specializes in the A.R.T. of Flooring and boasts a large and exclusive selection of artisan and handcrafted tile options from top manufacturers and emerging tile boutiques alike. We invite you to come in for a personal design consultation with one of our design consultants to see what’s possible. Make an appointment today.

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