Glass Tile


The beauty of glass tile has been appreciated by artisans, decorators and homeowners alike for over 2,000 years. In fact, artisans in both Ancient Greece and Ancient India separately developed the processes for making it. Still, glass tile fell out of favor over the centuries as more durable and easily worked materials became available.

It wasn’t until the early 1990s that this beautiful material made a resurgence. Using the now common methods of formed casting and fused glass, the latest generation of glass tiles has taken on a wide variety of looks including polished, frosted, tumbled, blended, iridescent, multicolored, etched and crackled finishes. There is even a type of white glass tile that can be impregnated with high-resolution pictures and designs that results in a truly remarkable product.


Glass tile that is used on wall applications is often in mosaic format with the tiles mounted on a mesh backing or paper/plastic front-faced film. The finished look is distinctive and will never be mistaken for clay or ceramic tiles. Thanks to continuously developing technology and engineering, glass tiles have enhanced flexibility and there are several brands of glass that are now suitable for floor installations. Some glass tile is also able to be used outdoors on walkways, around swimming pools and even in dedicated water features.

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