The timelessness of marble has been appreciated by artisans, decorators and homeowners alike for thousands of years. In fact, the sculptors of Ancient Greece as those of the Renaissance considered it the premier material to work in. These days, marble is still revered as an artistic medium but it has also made its way into a number of other more everyday applications.

Modern Applications for Marble Tile

As elegant as it gets, marble floor tiles will add a refined look to any space where they are installed. Its beauty is applicable in the bedroom or den as it is in the more traditional venues, the bathroom and kitchen. More modern designers consider marble for use in game rooms and pool houses. Unlike in ancient times, marble is now available in a range of colors that vary from the traditional white tones.

Most of the same caveats apply to marble attached to walls instead of floors – the main difference is in the installation process. Marble is quite porous and must be installed properly and sealed or the investment can be jeopardized relatively quickly. Marble can also be crafted into a variety of silhouettes to add a high degree of ornamentation to a room’s walls. For instance, dining rooms can include marble chair rails, doors or windows can be equipped with marble surrounds and marble counter tops can feature any number of different profiles.

A Final Note

Marble is one of the most delicate of building materials and must always be handled with care from the time of milling to final maintenance. The combination of beauty and prestige costs: it is certainly not one of the least expensive stones on the market. Still, marble is a classic and chic choice for floors, walls and countertops that is well worth the pricetag.

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