A durable and attractive option, laminate floors are particularly appealing if you desire the look of hardwood or tile without the concerns of potential damage, expensive pricing or difficult installations.

Laminate flooring is a composite material with a paper image of wood or stone adhered to the top. The factory applied wear layer then resists scratching and denting better than real wood. Enhancements, such as GenuEdge Technology™, assist in a more realistic and authentic imitation of real hardwood floors.

Shaw Floor’s newest line of Repel Water Resistant Laminate is changing the game for the normally water-susceptible product, proving the staying power of the hardwood alternative materials. 

Laminates are often less expensive and easier to install, due to their patented locking technology, than hardwoods, making them a superb value for the home and great for DIY-er’s! Though they cannot be refinished, many times they can be repaired with ease.


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