Hardwood Refinishing Services

Refinishing a hardwood floor can be a large and time-sensitive undertaking. To ensure your project is swift, clean and non-toxic, Great Western Flooring uses advanced applications and dust-containment systems that satisfy indoor air-quality standards.

We offer mineral-based polyurethanes and water-based, or Swedish, polyurethanes. We also provide heavy-traffic applications and various stains and finishes for any type of wood. We can replace boards and minimize squeaks as well. For additional finish information, visit here.

Most often, customers will leave the home during the refinishing process. While this tends to work out better for both you and the installers, we always do everything possible to allow you to remain at the home.

For example, you can stay in the home if you combine a water-based finish with our Atomic Dust Containment equipment. The fast-drying finish even lets you walk on floors in your socks within hours after application.

Learn more about our specialized hardwood refinishing today. Visit or call any of our design centers or request an estimate online.

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