Hardwood Refinishing

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hardwood refinishing
Great Western Flooring uses the Atomic Dust Containment system for our finished-on-site, hardwood refinishing and screen-and-coat projects. Our Atomic Dust Containment system is one of the only GREENGUARD-certified sanding systems on the market, and greatly reduces the level of dust that is created during these projects. While there is no such thing as a “dustless refinishing” process (you’re sanding down hardwood, after all!), our system does remove between 94-98% of the dust caused by sanding. It is always recommended that you cover anything that might be sensitive to dust accumulation, either on or in vents, cabinets, closets, etc. HVAC systems normally do have to be up and running to keep the hardwood acclimatized, and we recommend for our customers to plan accordingly.

There are several options to choose from after you have sanded the flooring down. The stain and the finish are the final steps to your finished on site hardwood or hardwood refinishing project.


Imperfections are inherent in a finished-on-site wood floor. When hardwood is sanded, stained and finished, it is exposed to many variables. While the installers always do their best to control the variables, job sites cannot be controlled like factories can. Naturally, imperfections in the finish will exist. The amount of exposure a finish is subject to depends on the drying conditions, stains and type of finish. Typical hardwood refinishing jobs would require a minimum of three days of labor, much of which is time allowed for the finish to dry in between coats.

hardwood refinishing

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