Unfinished Hardwood

Homeowners who prefer to customize the look of their hardwood floors should opt for an unfinished hardwood flooring that will be finished-on-site. While the end and edge treatments of the flooring are typically limited to “square” shapes, the wood itself can be finished in almost any color and combination desired by the owner. Schedule a design consultation appointment to discuss how we can customize your hardwood flooring.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is installed just like prefinished wood but there are several extra steps that must also be accomplished to complete the installation. After the unfinished wood planks are installed, the floor is then sanded and stained.

As you can imagine, this process is rather labor-intensive, somewhat messy and moderately more expensive than prefinished flooring. However, it is the only way to achieve a truly customized look. In particular, unfinished hardwood flooring is the best choice when the homeowner needs to match a previous floor, wants a custom color or would like to incorporate custom elements such as inlays or patterns.

Finally, some exotic hardwoods are only available in the unfinished state so choose carefully. Also, these floors – like solid wood floors – can be refinished multiple times. Simply put, unfinished hardwood flooring is ideal for those homeowners who wish to have total control over the look of their flooring. The downside is the extra time, effort and money it takes to accomplish the installation.

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