Prefinished Hardwood

Whether solid or engineered, prefinished hardwood is clearly the way of the future for wooden flooring. In fact, the entire manufacturing process is designed to produce an almost flawless flooring product that is far more durable, maintenance-free and affordable than any other in history. For homeowners with an active family life, prefinished hardwood flooring is an excellent choice.

Prefinished flooring is manufactured from both solid and engineered woods but, in both cases, it is completely finished before it leaves the factory and heads to the job site for its installation. While the body platform may be differ, the top layer – the one you see and use – is identical. Schedule a design consultation with one of our professional designers to see some prefinished hardwood flooring samples.


Prefinished hardwoods are subjected to numerous coatings – up to nine separate, in fact. First, the raw flooring is sanded or technique finished and then stained to the appropriate color. This process can take one or two coatings with minor screenings in between each coat. Next, the stained wood undergoes treatment by agents like aluminum oxide embedded in the urethane coatings to enhance its durability and performance.

Typically, each of these coatings are cured with ultraviolet light. Not only does this dry the coating faster – and reduce the overall cost of production – but also preserves the underlying color so that the finished product is generally more uniform in appearance and aesthetically appealing.


Though prefinished flooring is specifically designed to last for 25 years or more with only minimal maintenance, it can also be refinished. The care of the floor is the same as any other hardwood flooring. The simple expedient of immediately wiping up spills will go a long way in prolonging the life of this extraordinary flooring.

Prefinished hardwood floors are an excellent option for anyone with small children, pets or even just clumsy friends. They are also the superior choice when getting ready to rehab a recently purchased property or when readying an existing home for sale.

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