Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

prefinished hardwood flooring

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

First To the Pre-Finished Line

Whether solid or engineered, prefinished hardwood is clearly the way of the future for wooden flooring. In fact, the entire manufacturing process is designed to produce an almost flawless flooring product that is far more durable, maintenance-free and affordable than any other in history. For homeowners with an active family life, prefinished hardwood flooring is an excellent choice.

> UV cured allowing them to have little or no debris or particulate in the finish.

> You can walk on it right after installation completion – no curing or drying time!

> Typically has 7-9 coats of aluminum oxide finish – a much finer and stronger finish than can be applied manually or in the home.

> Expansive manufacturer warranties (some up to 50 years)!

> Still able to be refinished.

> No VOC’s or off-gasing during the installation process.

Prefinished flooring is manufactured from both solid and engineered woods but, in both cases, it is completely finished before it leaves the factory and heads to the job site for its installation. While the body platform may be different, the top layer – the one you see and use – is identical. Schedule a design consultation with one of our professional designers to see some prefinished hardwood flooring samples.





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