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Hardwood Flooring: The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard

DuChateau Engineered Hardwood Flooring RiverstoneHardwood flooring sometimes gets an undesirable reputation. Homeowners, interior designers and builders have long held a host of negative opinions that are not really relevant to the material. With that idea in mind, we thought we might enlighten you with a few of the worst pieces of advice we have ever heard about hardwood floors.

They are not durable – If regularly maintained, hardwood floors will last at least as long as tile ones and much longer than carpeted floors. In addition, properly sealed hardwood floors can resist water infiltration, innumerable types of stains as well as the basic wear and tear of a household or office space. Count on them for spaces that take regular use such as hallways, kitchens and family rooms.

They take inordinate amounts of maintenance – Hardwood floors do require regular maintenance but the process is not as onerous as some people make it out to be. For instance, a daily sweeping will eliminate most of the contaminants that might impregnate the coating. Secondly, even if they do, a sanding and recoating every two to three years will solve the problem and make the floor look as good as new.

High heels are their nemesis –While it is true that a 100 lb woman in high heels can exert over 2500 psi on a small area and dent any hardwood floor, the answer is simple – ask your guests to remove their shoes. These days, this request is no longer seen as being even remotely offensive. Other than that hardwood floors are relatively impervious to physical damage. Just try not to throw darts in the room!

They are expensive – Laminate hardwood flooring is quite affordable with solid hardwood flooring being a little less so. Either way, when the total cost of installation and maintenance is averaged over the useful life of the floor, both are exceptional values. In short, hardwoods are easily as affordable as either carpeting or ceramic tile.

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