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What’s On Your Kitchen Wish List?

chicago countertops kitchenWhen it comes to a kitchen remodel, there is almost no limit to what you can spend. For those of living on a budget, however, cost is certainly a factor. Still, it is nice to dream and even a relatively modest budget can yield some pretty spectacular results. Here are a few suggestions on where to focus your efforts – and your dollars – when redoing your kitchen. A “wish list” if you will:

Flooring – Your choice of flooring – it will most likely be tile – will set the stage for the rest of the kitchen. For a sleek contemporary look, consider white ceramic tile. For Country French, a nice bright yellow-accented tile might fit the bill. For those who prefer a more rustic feel, consider bluestone or limestone. Either can be left in a matte finish or polished to a high gloss. You can even find a manufactured tile that mimics the look and feel of wood – without the attendant water penetration issues.

Counter tops – Whereas the floor forms a backdrop for the rest of décor I the kitchen, the counter tops are front and center. With that thought in mind, there are two ways to go with the counter tops. You can match the flooring to some degree with a similar color or you can contrast it with a dramatically different but complementary one. In either case, invest in real stone as it lasts forever and will significantly improve the look – and value! – of your home.

Backsplashes – Matching the backsplash to the counter top is the most common practice but there is considerable room for innovation. Many people choose the wall area above and behind the stove to install a tile mosaic. The choices for these are endless as a specialized artist is usually required to do the installation. Generally, you will describe what you want, they will do a sketch on paper and, if you approve, will create the drawing in tile. These are true works of art – subdued or dramatic – but will definitely display your sense of style.

Kitchen Island – If you are lucky enough to have the room for a kitchen island, it offers another opportunity to highlight the décor elements in the space. Consider adding a complementary floor rectangle that not only frames the island but breaks up the monotony of a uniformly tiled floor. The counter top can be made from the same color stone as the main counter tops or a different one can be used to delineate the eating space from the cooking area. The décor choices here are essentially endless.

Glass Accent Wall If you like the idea of more clearly identified spaces but do not want to limit the natural sunlight that comes into your kitchen, a glass block wall should be your design choice. The blocks come in a variety of styles – semi-opaque or transparent – with which a dividing wall can be constructed. A common sight in 1950’s era homes, they fell out of favor for almost half a century but are now regaining popularity with “retro” designers and fans.

For more information on these excellent home remodeling projects and how tile can make all the difference – turning your project from good to great! – please visit us at Great Western Flooring. Find us online at https://www.greatwesternflooring.com/ or speak with us directly at 630-357-3331

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