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What is the Janka Hardwood Flooring Test?

duchateau hardwood flooring  trestleThe Janka hardwood flooring test is a scale developed by Gabriel Janka to test the hardness of various species of wood.  This measuring scale was derived from the hardness test created for metals by J.A. Brinell.  The Janka test is a hardness test applied to various wood flooring products by flooring professionals to reveal how long the wood floor should last without showing wear or denting.

The Janka hardwood flooring test is the industry standard for testing wood flooring and meets all requirements of the American Society of Testing and Materials, ASTM.

How Does the Janka Hardwood Flooring Test Work?

The Janka hardness test is based on the pounds of force required to drive a .44” steel ball halfway into a piece of wood flooring.  The best results are derived when the ball is driven into the wood grain with perpendicular force and leaves an indentation of 100 sq. mm.  The hardness level will vary depending on the direction of the wood grain.

Most wood species will have similar ratings with only a 10% deviation within a species so that flooring installers have a good idea of the hardness of wood they’re using.

The Janka hardwood flooring test is important to hardwood flooring installers and homeowners who want to know the durability of the wood flooring choice.  In areas of heavy foot traffic, a wood with a  higher Janka rating may be desirable.  Knowing the Janka rating of your hardwood floor will help you determine the best hardwood flooring for your home.

Hickory provides a decent Janka rating and is a popular choice in heavy traffic areas.  Patagonian Rosewood receives the highest Janka rating, although Hickory, Maple and Red Oak also provide extremely durable wood flooring which holds up well in heavy use areas.

Contact your flooring specialists at Great Western Flooring to learn more about the Janka hardwood flooring test and with help in determining the best wood flooring for your home.

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