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What Flooring is Best for Laundry Rooms and Mud Rooms?

laundry room tileChoosing the right type of flooring is an important consideration for any room, and the laundry room is no different.  When it’s time to remodel or design a laundry or mud room, you’ll want flooring that is durable, comfortable, waterproof and easy to maintain. This doesn’t mean you need to skimp on design or beautiful décor. 

There are a few options which provide the best flooring for laundry rooms, while other materials are simply not a good choice.  Let’s review the best, top picks for laundry room flooring first. 

    1. Ceramic Tile.  Ceramic tile is very popular, excellent choice for laundry rooms and mud rooms for many reasons.  Ceramic tile is extremely durable and will not warp or fade or lose it’s shape, providing many years of protective, durable and beautiful flooring.  There are endless options with colors, shades and designs when it comes to selecting ceramic tile, you can have accent rows or install diagonally for a dramatic effect.Ceramic tile is easy to clean and is resistant to water and cleaning chemicals.  Larger tiles are easier to clean with less grout, be sure to use a good quality of grout and seal it according to manufacturer directions. Tiles with a polished finish rather than a natural finish will be more prone to showing scratches.  You’ll want to be sure that your washer and dryer are completely level to cut down on the noise factor.
    2. Vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles are also very durable, easy to clean, water resistant and resistant to chemical stains. Vinyl tiles are easy to install and simple to replace damaged tiles without replacing the whole floor. Vinyl is a great, affordable option available in many colors and styles that realistically replicate stone, ceramic tile and wood.
    3. Vinyl Sheet Flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring has come a long way in recent years with new flooring technology providing designer patterns that look like natural stone or even wood planks. Selecting vinyl flooring in the thickest option available will provide the most protection against tearing.  Vinyl flooring is resistant to chemical stains, water damage and is easy to clean.
    4. Stone flooring. Stone is highly durable and adds a touch of elegance, although can be expensive to install. Stone must also be sealed properly to prevent staining and etching.

    These are the top four picks of the best flooring for laundry rooms, now let’s review some choices that you may want to rethink. Flooring which could pose a problem in laundry rooms include laminate, carpeting and hardwood floors.

    1. Laminate. Laminate floors can be durable and comfortable, easy to maintain and a great value in many rooms in the home. Where they are not so great is when they are exposed or could be exposed to water damage.  If you want the look of laminate flooring in your laundry room, consider using a drip pan under your washer, or better yet install ceramic tile under your washer and dryer. Monitor your washer hoses and check for leaks regularly.
    2. Carpeting. Installing carpeting in a laundry room is never a good idea.  While having something soft to stand on while working in the laundry room is nice, you would be better off to use a quality throw rug on top of a better choice of flooring for your laundry room.  If you have a leak you not only have maintenance and repairs needed to your appliances, you’ll need to tear out your damaged water soaked carpeting and replace that as well.

    Cleaning chemicals and laundry products, especially bleach, will permanently damage a carpet if splashed or spilled.  Avoid installing carpeting in laundry rooms unless you choose an indoor outdoor style that is resistant to moisture.

    1. Hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is quite durable in strength, although it is highly susceptible to damage from moisture or chemical stains.  Hardwood is quite expensive to install and ongoing maintenance is required to maintain a sealed finish. Hardwood may be an expensive choice for the laundry room with costly ramifications if exposed to water damage. 

    Consult with a professional flooring company for more tips on the best flooring to install in your laundry room. Quality products and installation will give you the style you want with a durable floor that will hold up to the elements in a laundry room or mudroom.

    Great Western Flooring offers complimentary design consultations from our convenient locations in Naperville, Oswego and St. Charles. Contact us to schedule a consultation or stop by to see our showroom and speak with a design specialist.

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