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Vinyl Floor Tiles That Look Like Wood

armstrong criswood vinyl tile- russet oakVinyl floor tiles that look like real wood is a popular choice for consumers looking for the realistic look of hardwood without the expense and upkeep.  Real hardwood provides a warm comforting look available in varying wood species, colors and shades.  Vinyl floor tiles available today provide the natural beauty of real hardwood in a more forgiving surface than hardwood.

Vinyl floor tiles that look like wood are available in realistic surface finishes which convincingly replicate virtually any wood species in varying colors and shades, including:

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Barnwood
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Distressed wood
  • Whitewashed wood

Vinyl flooring provides the same rustic, classy look as hardwood but with a more comfortable surface underfoot.  Vinyl tiles provide comfort and resilience with a subtle cushion that can make a huge difference when standing for long periods of time.  Standing on hard stone tile or real hardwood which are both very rigid surfaces can create leg pain, strain and fatigue.  Vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles offer the same beautiful wood look with added comfort.

Vinyl Floor Cost Compared to Hardwood

Vinyl floor tiles compared to the cost of hardwood is a deciding factor for many consumers, with luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) providing an affordable real wood alternative.   In addition to a savings on material and installation, maintenance and upkeep of luxury vinyl is considerably less expensive and time consuming when compared to real wood.

Durability of Vinyl Floor Tiles that Look Like Wood

Vinyl floor tiles that look like wood provide pleasing visual aesthetics with durability and stability.  Real hardwood floors provide hardness for durability but require continual maintenance to maintain the protective polyurethane coating.  Vinyl tiles provide stability with materials that will hold their shape even with changes in climate and moisture.  Consider the climate and exposure to moisture when comparing vinyl tiles to real wood, as vinyl may be the best choice in rooms exposed to moisture.

Great Western Offers Vinyl Floor Tiles that Look Like Wood

Great Western Flooring offers a wide selection of quality flooring and tile products including luxury vinyl floor tiles that look like wood and real stone.  We can help you evaluate your flooring installation requirements, the environment and the properties of the best materials for your installation. We have over 35 years of experience as a leading flooring and tile company serving the Chicagoland area with quality products and professional installation. 

Great Western Flooring is a leading flooring and tile company offering quality products with professional installation.  We provide complimentary design consultations from one of three conveniently located design centers in Naperville, Oswego and St. Charles.  Stop by today or call to speak with a design specialist to learn the possibilities that vinyl flooring can offer and to find the best deals on vinyl floor tiles that look like wood.



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