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Tile Your Patio in Style

patio tiled with stone tile international As we make it through yet another cold winter, it will soon be time to think about opening our outdoor patio.  Why not spruce it up to make your three seasons room, all seasons room or outdoor patio a haven for comfort this spring?  Tile your patio in style with some trending outdoor tile ideas that make lounging on the patio cozy and comfortable.

Outdoor patios in Chicago require some sturdy flooring to hold up during the cold months and weather the hot summers with the same style and beauty year after year.  Many outdoor patios look amazing all year long with a traditional natural stone tile, a little flair can be added for the Spanish tile look, or porcelain tile is becoming quite popular in kitchens and patios for beauty and durability.

If you’re considering updating your patio with a quick remodel, here are some trending flooring ideas for inspiration in updating your outdoor space.

Tile Your Patio in Traditional Stone

Traditional stone is always a winner for durable flooring options and is available in many styles and designs to match any décor.  You can get creative with installation techniques such as laying your tile diagonally for added dimension or using accent tiles to incorporate additional colors or designs.  Stone tile holds up well in any weather environment, is easy to clean and maintain and feels good underfoot. 

Spanish Tile for an Inviting Patio

If you enjoy the feel of the Caribbean and the appeal of an inviting, Mexican villa, consider installing a Saltillo stone or porcelain tile in the bright colors inspired by Spanish décor.  Install diagonally or with intercutting stone tiles or porcelain glazed tiles that provide the hand crafted Spanish feel.

Wide Plank Porcelain Tile for Patios

Porcelain tile is a popular choice in Kitchens and bathrooms due to it’s durable, water resistant properties.  Take this beautiful tile outdoors into your patio for contemporary style indoors and out.  Porcelain is available in so many styles with looks that resemble natural stone, concrete and even wood planks.

Wood Looking Porcelain Tile and Decking

Porcelain tile that resembles wood provides a warm, cozy feel, beautiful aesthetics and weathers the harsh elements with durability not found in wood products.  Real wood patios and decking require ongoing maintenance and protections to weather the sun and cold winters.  Wood looking porcelain tile is so realistic you can’t tell the difference except for the long lasting durability it provides with no maintenance and repairs needed.

These are few ideas for upgrading your outdoor space with beautiful, long lasting flooring.  For more ideas on how to tile your patio in style, contact your flooring specialists at Great Western Flooring.

Great Western Flooring has over 35 years of experience pleasing customers with a wide selection of quality flooring and tile products.  We offer free design consultations and professional installation.  Contact us today or stop by one of our convenient design centers in Naperville, Oswego or St. Charles to speak with a flooring specialist.


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