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Slate Natural Stone Tile

Traditionally, slate rock has been used for a variety of purposes – blackboards and roofs spring immediately to mind – but it also makes a strikingly beautiful and quite functional flooring material as well. In technical terms, slate is known as a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock. This simply means that slate is one of the smoothest and layered stone flooring materials around.

It is applicable in both interior and exterior applications and can be used in almost any room of the house. Here are some other facts that might convince you to choose slate as your next flooring material:

Slate Comes in More Colors than Just Black

Often light to dark gray that borders on black, slate is also found in a variety of other colors. Some of the more interesting include yellow, purple, green and cyan. Slate can also be procured in striated versions where the colors are intermingled – beautiful for a kitchen, a pool house or even a family room.

This Stone is Extremely Durable

To start, slate is fireproof – a not inconsiderable concern when flooring a kitchen or outdoor barbecue area. Slate is also as durable as it gets when it comes to stone flooring. Its foliated structure means that is can lose layers over time and still remain beautiful and functional.

It Can Be Finished in Multiple Ways

While many homeowners opt for a simple natural finish, a slate floor can also be also be given a high-gloss or a burnished finished. The former is most suitable for interior spaces while the latter provides a very safe and non-slippery surface for outdoor areas.

Slate Walls are Beautiful

While you may not realize it, slate has been used on walls for decades – as blackboards. With some minor aesthetic adjustments, however, they also make a fine addition in shower areas and other places where water will accumulate. Of course, they must be sealed properly as any natural stone is porous.

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