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Seven Reasons You Should Invest In Wood Flooring

Shaw Wood Flooring White Oak Golden OpportunityAs flooring goes, wood flooring is one of the most versatile and resilient of choices. Whether you choose a laminate or solid hardwood, you will enjoy years of use from this sturdy material. Here are a few other reasons to opt for wood when choosing your next floor:

  1. Wood is indeed beautiful – It is hard to beat the look of natural wood. When coated and polished to a sheen, no other material on earth can match its understated but timeless elegance. Wood is definitely the choice for dining rooms and other formal areas.
  2. It is versatile – Still, wood is an excellent choice for almost any other area. It can be installed on stairs with little problem or in a kitchen, family room or hallway. In fact, it has been the most utilized flooring choice for centuries.
  3. It moves – Even carpeting does not have quite the same feel as a wood floor. Wood has a wonderful springiness that still provides an underlying sturdiness. Choose wood when you want to feel safe and secure.
  4. It is durable – Obviously, wood has been around for a long, long time. Even after a tree has been cut down, the wood can endure for a very long time. Consider wood flooring for any space that will take a lot of use and endure a variety of conditions.
  5. Wood is easy to clean – With the proper maintenance, wood is as easy to clean as any other type of flooring. It should be sealed upon installation and then stripped and resealed every two to three years. With this minimal care, a wood floor will for two decades or more.
  6. It fits in with any decor – While a traditional flooring material, wood can be used in any modern décor. Of course, it can be used in a French Country style home or a Cape Codder. In addition, it is an excellent choice to augment the décor of any modern or contemporary home.
  7. It is all natural – Wood is renewable. For that reason alone, it is one of the best choices for flooring. Consider it for any indoor use as it will do the job for decades to come.

For further information on wood flooring and its benefits, please contact us at Great Western Flooring. We con be found online at GreatWesternflooring.com or reached directly at 630-357-3331.

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