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Quartzite Natural Stone Tile

Very similar to slate tile, quartzite usually provides a varied and unparalleled texture to a space. Created primarily from pressurized sandstone, the metamorphic rock is a super durable stone option. The elegant finish allows the silvers and dusty blues to pop. Here are a few other things to know about quartz flooring and why it works best in certain applications:

Quartzite is Versatile

Quartzite is an ideal fit for flooring spaces that deserve a ‘wow-factor’, but can also provide full impact in more subtle ways by being incorporated into borders and accent pieces. It’s play on soft grays can incorporate a very organic element but can equally demand elegance.

It Withstands Tremendous Stress

Forming under immense pressure over many years, the density of quartzite is one of the highest among the stone category. It is extremely hard and weather-resistant, making it a perfect choice for outdoor areas and heavy-traffic floors.

It is Easy to Install

When cut or broken, quartzite fractures through the sand grains, as opposed to around them like its sandstone counterpart. This allows for very clean lines and easy manageability of the material so that it can be readily used in many shapes, sizes and spaces.

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