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Limestone Tile

Formed at the bottom of bodies of water from the skeletal remains of marine animals, limestone would eventually be pushed onto dry land by violent upheavals in the Earth’s crust. This beautiful and durable stone was then mined and used throughout the world. In particular, cities like New York, London & Paris each contain thousands of buildings constructed with this resilient material.

Renowned for its feel as well as its aesthetics, limestone continues to be a favorite natural stone among professional designers, commercial builders and knowledgeable homeowners. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

It is Stunning

Limestone is usually gray, but it may also be white, light yellow or brown. These neutral tones make it ideal for the exteriors of urban buildings as sunlight is reflected rather than absorbed and makes the building “pop”. Limestone can be honed, polished and vein-cut, exaggerating different marbling and tones differently as tastes dictate.

It has a Depth of Feel

While limestone certainly has its visual appeal, many owners find that the stone is even more appealing to the sense of touch. The stone can vary greatly in texture from the rough texture of the coquina type to the relatively smooth finish of the oolitic limestones. While maintenance issues are somewhat different for each of these stones, they all offer the architect or designer an excellent sheathing material for almost any project.

It Can Be Easily Worked

Limestone lends itself to a variety of applications as either sheathing or ornamentation since it is relatively easy to cut. In addition, the stone is easily worked with a chisel so that essentially any design or motif can be incorporated into its facade. One drawback is that stone is acid sensitive – which is especially true for limestone.

For further information on limestone and on how it is used or installed, please contact us at Great Western Flooring.

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