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Laminate Flooring: The ABC’s of VOCs

mannington laminate flooringVolatile organic compounds, VOCs, are a chemical compound that can be found in many manufactured products.  Consumers and the home improvement industry have become increasingly aware of these hazardous compounds and have made great efforts to reduce or eliminate VOCs in home improvement and flooring materials.  VOCs have an extremely low boiling point, which means that they readily evaporate at room temperature and may release harmful chemicals in the air.

Most VOCs are harmless, although some may be extremely hazardous to your health such as formaldehyde.  This is particularly true for people with respiratory and breathing issues or even severe allergies.  Laminate flooring has been known to contain harmful VOCs although, with increased awareness and improvements in flooring technology, this has been significantly reduced or eliminated. 

Components of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been a popular choice of flooring for many years as it offers the desirable look of hardwood floors at a much more affordable price.  Laminate floors typically come in planks to resemble hardwood, with each plank constructed of high-density fiberboard with a printed layer on top with realistic images of oak, cherry, maple or other wood grains.

While laminate flooring has offered many benefits with realistic wood looks at a fraction of the cost, easy maintenance, and long-lasting beauty, flooring manufacturers have recently responded to consumer demand for a more eco-friendly and safe manufacturing process.  The chemical components contained in the ink, the adhesive used during installation or the fiberboard itself has tended to release harmful VOCs in the past. 

New flooring manufacturing technology is focused on changing that, with low- or no- VOC containing laminate flooring now available.  To learn more about the ABCs of VOCs in laminate flooring, contact your flooring specialist at Great Western Flooring.

Great Western Flooring offers quality flooring and tile products with professional installation.  We provide free design consultations from our convenient design center locations in Naperville, Oswego or St. Charles.  Contact us to learn more about laminate flooring with low or no VOCs.

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