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Ideas for Tile Patterns

Interceramic Ceramic TileCeramic tile lends a unique benefit for awesome flooring installations with the many variations in ideas for tile patterns.  Just by incorporating a unique pattern when laying ceramic tile, you can easily transform the look of your entire room.  The right pattern will visually elongate a room, expand narrow rooms and even hide a room’s minor imperfections. 

Check out the following ideas for tile patterns and add a wow factor to your new tile floor.

Straight Lay Grid Tile Pattern

The simple straight lay grid tile pattern is a simple design which easily blends with other patterns in the room.  A straight lay grid pattern is flexible for any room with any size of tile from mosaics to large panels including ceramic tile that resembles real stone. 

Diagonal Grid Tile Pattern 

The diagonal grid tile pattern is a straight lay grid rotated at 45 degrees to shift the focal point of the room with wide angles.  The diagonal grid pattern provides a widening visual effect with the simplicity of a straight grid install.  Diagonal patterns are ideal in smaller rooms to visually expand a small kitchen or bathroom or to create movement in a narrow space.

Chevron Tile Pattern 

The chevron tile pattern is a popular zigzag design which combines rectangular shaped tiles at angled ends.  The Chevron pattern provides widening and elongating angles to any space by carrying your line of sight along a focal point.  Installing the Chevron tile pattern is easier than it looks and requires only one size and type of tile. Alternating tiles with different colors creates a striped zigzag appearance for a strikingly beautiful floor.

Herringbone Tile Pattern

The Herringbone tile pattern is laid out in a similar zigzag pattern although the ends are not angled like in the chevron pattern. The herringbone tile pattern places rectangular tiles in a V-shaped alternating at 45° and provides a widening and elongating effect. Installing ceramic tile in a herringbone pattern allows for an intricate design with only one size and shape of tile.

Hopscotch Tile Pattern

Installing ceramic tile in the playful hopscotch pattern provides interesting, interlocking designs.  The hopscotch tile pattern is a combination of small and large tiles and requires careful planning before installation.  It is recommended to lay out your entire space before installing with adhesive.

Great Western Flooring offers complimentary design consultations for many more ideas on tile patterns.  We are the leading flooring and tile company with more than 35 years of experience pleasing customers in and around Chicago.  Contact us for quality flooring materials, professional installation and trending design ideas for flooring and tile.

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