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How to Keep Hardwoods Looking Beautiful

Paramount Hardwood flooring lift bridgeHardwood floors add value to homes with durable floor that can last for decades if you know how to maintain and keep your hardwoods looking beautiful.  Hardwood floors are not that difficult to clean and can be simpler to maintain than carpeting or tile.  With a few tips on the proper way to maintain your hardwood flooring, you’ll enjoy a stunning floor for many years.

Here are a few tips on the best way to maintain your hardwood flooring and prevent damaging your beautiful floor.

Dust Hardwoods Regularly

Regular cleaning and removal of debris is important to maintain hardwood flooring.  Use a dust mop regularly to remove dust, pet hair, and even small specks of dirt which could easily scratch a hardwood surface.  If using a vacuum, be sure to use the floor brush attachment and not the beater bar as this could damage a hard wood surface.  If your vacuum has a hard floor setting this should turn off the beater bar and lower the vacuum for increased suction.

Immediately Dry Spills

Polished hardwoods may appear shiny and water resistant but certain liquids can eat away the polished top coat of a hardwood floor.  Specifically, pet urine, milk and mustard should immediately be dabbed dry.

Wet Mopping

Use a liquid cleaner such as a commercial wood cleaning product for periodic deep cleanings and be sure to follow the manufacturer directions.  You can use a damp mop to help clean and maintain a hardwood floor with recommended cleaners available at most home supply stores.  Most wet mop products for hardwoods contain isopropyl alcohol because it dries up quickly.  It is also safe to mop with a solution of one cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water as this solution effectively removes dirt and grease without stripping the polished finish.

Do not ever use a steam mop on wood floors as this may cause irreparable damage to hardwoods.

Use the Right Hardwood Products

Using the right products with regular dusting and mopping is important to keep your hardwoods looking beautiful.  Some products may add a shine or polish, which is not the same as a protective coating.  When regular dusting and mopping do not restore the luster and shine to your floor it may be time for your hardwood flooring to be refinished.

Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood involves sanding the top layer to remove scuffs and marks and covering with a protectant sealant.  You should plan on refinishing your hardwood flooring at least every ten years, or even two to five years for high traffic floors.

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