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CHICAGO HARDWOOD FLOORING VS. CARPET INSTALLATIONMany homeowners think that hardwood flooring vs. a carpet installation are the main options, but there are a wide range hardwoods, laminates and even different types of carpeting to choose from, and depending on the room, one type of flooring may be a better option than the other choice for your home.

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet:  A Few Differences

Each type of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Surprisingly, many people may think that in the comparison of hardwood flooring vs. a carpet installation that the hardwood may be more difficult to maintain.  Actually, this is generally not the case.

One illustrative disadvantage to hardwood floors or laminate wood, regardless of the wood, is that the wood flooring will scratch if not properly cared for; one telling example is failing to pick up furniture that is moved—while this most likely will not tear a carpet, it will scratch wood!  The advantages of hardwood flooring are many, particularly when one considers that wood floors are generally much easier to clean, to keep clean, and to keep looking like new.

With carpeting, you have to worry about dust, debris, contaminates, food, drinks and other items that once in a carpet, tend to get ground into the carpet with repeated traffic.  These contaminates can cause many problems, even mold or mildew in wet environments, but also, all of the dirt and debris can cause or exacerbate allergies or even cause health issues for the chronically sick or for young children.

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet Installation: Personal Preference

For restoring older homes, older apartment buildings, or just for a touch of class, many homeowners frequently opt for hardwood floors or laminate wood floors.  Personal taste and your home improvement projects frequently dictate the type of flooring that is the best option.

Ultimately, choosing between hardwood flooring vs. carpet frequently comes down to affordability and personal preferences.  Each type of flooring covering can offer utilitarian and aesthetic benefits.  Regardless of your choice, you should discuss your options with professionals.  There may be specific reasons for different approaches.  In addition, do not forget, there are other flooring options including tiles and composite materials.

Request Help with Your Next Flooring Installation

There are many additional factors to consider when comparing hardwood flooring vs. carpet installation for your home.  We also understand the wide range of issues need for subflooring, sealants, exterior coatings or exterior sealants, floating floor installations, or full hardwood floor restorations or installations. For anyone wanting a professional hardwood flooring or carpeting installation in the Chicago metropolitan area, we recommend that you to contact Great Western Flooring.

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