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Ideas for Tile Patterns

Interceramic Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile lends a unique benefit for awesome flooring installations with the many variations in ideas for tile patterns.  Just by incorporating a unique pattern when laying ceramic tile, you can easily transform the look of your entire room.  The right pattern will visually elongate a room, expand narrow rooms…

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Minimalism in Modern Design

white tile for a modern clean bathroom design

If you’re interested in clean lines, wide open spaces, cutting out the extras and focusing on essential, functional elements in your decor, you may be interested in the latest rage of minimalism in modern design. We often hear the terms modern, contemporary and minimalist when it comes to decorating.  All…

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Tile Your Patio in Style

patio tiled with stone tile international

As we make it through yet another cold winter, it will soon be time to think about opening our outdoor patio.  Why not spruce it up to make your three seasons room, all seasons room or outdoor patio a haven for comfort this spring?  Tile your patio in style with…

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2019 Bathroom Flooring Trends

Bathroom flooring sets the tone for the entire room, whether in a small powder room or a large master bathroom.  While your bathroom floor needs to be practical and easy to clean, you also want it to be stylish and pretty.  Choosing the right floor for your bathroom is an…

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Project of the Month – July 2017

Why Quartz is King


Maintenance-free. Bacteria-resistant. Durable. Non-porous.

These are just a few of the many benefits to quartz countertops. Quartz is thought of as the high-end countertop alternative. However, clients who value the aforementioned benefits have met their match… and there is no going back! It’s simple: quartz is here to stay.

As top publications continue to promote its unapologetic rise in demand and technologies improve – quartz will soon become an unmatched alternative. As the most hygenic option in the market, these laid-back tops prove to be perfect for the busy household. Bring on the kids… and the wine (make it Red!).

The goal with this project was to create a sophisticated work-station thats timeless beauty is unaltered in its practicality. With ease, this space can transform from a cookie station to dinner party. The countertops eye-catching movement serves as a conversation starter, while the continueity in color creates for a calm, cool color palette – not only pleasing to the eye… but, unifying. And say hello to realistic veining!

Quartz’s ‘no fuss, no mess’ philosophy is as alluring as its beauty. Let’s get busy with our lives (love of family, friends, hobbies, etc.!) and spend less time sealing & fretting about bacteria, stains and etching – come see the possibilities! Plus, rumor has it that some new textures and tones are on the horizon.

Quartzite Natural Stone Tile

quartzite stone tile

Very similar to slate tile, quartzite usually provides a varied and unparalleled texture to a space. Created primarily from pressurized sandstone, the metamorphic rock is a super durable stone option. The elegant finish allows the silvers and dusty blues to pop. Here are a few other things to know about…

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Onyx Natural Stone

Onyx is one of the great “undiscovered” building materials of all time. Traditionally, onyx has been the favorite of Emperors, Popes and other powerful leader since at least several centuries B.C. Taking a look at where it has been used, you will find onyx walls and floors in places as…

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