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Why A Cork Floor?

A cork floor is something we don’t often hear about although cork flooring offers many benefits which should be considered.  Cork provides resilience with a little give in its cushiony feel, this is a relief to people with back pain who stand on their floors for any length of time. …

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Laminate Flooring Trends in 2019

Updating your floor is a great way to keep your entire home up to date and stylish.  Laminate flooring is trending in 2019 as a popular choice with more options than ever before. Laminate is the flooring for a wood look alternative, with tremendous advancements in flooring technology providing such…

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Casabella Novocore WPC Flooring

Casabella Novocore WPC flooring is the new generation of vinyl, waterproof flooring products which provides many benefits to consumers in residential or commercial installations.  Vinyl flooring has evolved significantly with major advancements in flooring manufacturing technology, revolutionizing how we think of vinyl flooring.  WPC is a type of luxury vinyl…

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What’s the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl and Laminate Flooring?

When considering a new floor installation and researching popular flooring products and properties, you might be wondering what the difference is between luxury vinyl  and laminate flooring products.  It can be difficult to know which flooring is the best choice for your installation that will provide all the characteristics you…

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