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Myth Buster: Carpet Truth

Shaw Carpet real achievement

If you are considering a carpet installation and all of a sudden people are giving you advice, read more to break down the real truths about carpet and separate fact from myth.  Carpet is a popular choice of floor covering in many homes, providing warmth, comfort and valuable home improvements. …

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Ideas for Tile Patterns

Interceramic Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile lends a unique benefit for awesome flooring installations with the many variations in ideas for tile patterns.  Just by incorporating a unique pattern when laying ceramic tile, you can easily transform the look of your entire room.  The right pattern will visually elongate a room, expand narrow rooms…

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Anderson Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Anderson Prefinsihed Hardwood Flooring Brevard-Millstone

Anderson Flooring is a leading manufacturer of engineered hardwood flooring with more than 20 beautiful collections of hardwood flooring products.  Distinctly known for gorgeous and unique hand scraped engineered wood flooring, Anderson is recognized for quality craftsmanship built into each plank.  Anderson was the first flooring manufacturer to develop 5-ply…

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Why A Cork Floor?

A cork floor is something we don’t often hear about although cork flooring offers many benefits which should be considered.  Cork provides resilience with a little give in its cushiony feel, this is a relief to people with back pain who stand on their floors for any length of time. …

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