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Casabella Novocore WPC Flooring

WPC kitchen flooring from casabellaCasabella Novocore WPC flooring is the new generation of vinyl, waterproof flooring products which provides many benefits to consumers in residential or commercial installations.  Vinyl flooring has evolved significantly with major advancements in flooring manufacturing technology, revolutionizing how we think of vinyl flooring.  WPC is a type of luxury vinyl plank flooring which mimics real wood planks while providing several added benefits.

WPC stands for wood-plastic-composite, although some refer to it as water-proof-core, due to the most advantageous benefit of being 100% waterproof.  This makes Casabella WPC flooring an ideal choice for room where you desire a wood look, but real hardwood would not be a good choice.  Room such as laundry rooms or bathrooms which may be exposed to water make hardwood a poor choice due to the expense of product, installation and repairs when water damage occurs.

With Casabella WPC flooring, you have the freedom to install in just about any room you want a wood plank floor, without fear of water damage and for less expense than real hardwood.  Casabella’s Novocore and Novocore Premium WPC flooring deliver high performance and a beautiful appearance to go with it.  Benefits and key features of Novocore WPC flooring include:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • No messy adhesives required
  • Minimal floor preparation required
  • Immediately able to walk on after installation
  • Scratch and scuff resistant
  • Completely waterproof with stable material
  • Will not contract or expand
  • Cork underlayment dampens sound
  • Easy cleaning with low maintenance
  • Less expensive than real hardwood

Novocore WPC flooring is the solution for consumers who want a beautiful looking floor that is easy to clean, easy to install and offers waterproof protection for years of performance.  Great Western Flooring is pleased to offer this high quality product along with many other beautiful and durable flooring options.  We offer complimentary design consultations from experienced flooring, tile and design specialists. 

Great Western Flooring has more than 35 years of experience pleasing customers in and around Chicago with quality flooring and tile products combined with professional installation.  Stop by one of our conveniently located design centers in Naperville, Oswego or St. Charles for your free design consultation and to learn more about Casabella’s Novocore WPC flooring.

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