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Carpet Prices

Residential carpeting offers one of the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable but also eminently affordable ways to cover the floor of a home. Still, there are a number of factors that will determine the final price an owner will pay to have carpet installed in their home. Here are three of the most important to know:

Type of carpet – Currently, there are more than a dozen different styles of carpet on the market – each with benefits and drawbacks. Here is a quick rundown on the various types:

  • Wool carpet – Usually quite expensive as they are made of a natural material, wool carpets offer the most luxurious feel and the richest colors available in residential carpeting. Wool carpets are extremely durable. In fact, worsted-wool carpets can last for 20-30 years.
  • Nylon, olefin or polyester carpet – The vast majority of residential carpets are made from these synthetic products. Nevertheless, they are not all the same. Synthetic carpets will vary in price from the extremely inexpensive to very costly. Still, there are so many choices available that you will always be able to find just what you want.
  • Loop carpet – Recognizable to most folks as Berber carpeting – although there are other varieties – loop carpeting is one of the most affordable around. It is an excellent choice for kids’ rooms as it can easily and affordably be replaced if irreversibly stained or damaged.
  • Patterned, level-cut sculptured or textured carpet – Manufactured in an identical manner to loop carpeting, sculptured carpet is run through an extra step that removes the top part of the loop giving a distinctly different look to the finished product. It typically costs a little more than loop carpeting.
  • Frieze carpet – Often used in commercial applications, the twisted-pile fiber of frieze carpets are extremely durable and well suited for busy areas in a home. Consider them for game rooms, pool houses and even some weather protected exterior areas. They are medium priced and an excellent way to affordably cover large areas.
  • Saxony or plush carpet – Another homeowner favorite, this carpet is manufactured of dense pile that is then clipped to a half-inch or less. The resultant look conveys a soft, smooth surface that is perfect in formal settings such as dining rooms and libraries. A smooth finished Saxony is often referred to as plush. One downside is that Saxony carpet will readily show footprints and vacuum marks.


Quality of the padding – Padding is integral to any proper carpet installation for several reasons. It provides an insulating layer between the subflooring and the carpet; helps reduce moisture damage, and helps cushion the user’s feet. It is advisable to install the best quality padding possible as it will lengthen the life of your carpet as well as provide a very comfortable underfoot feel. Bear in mind that “weight” that is, the density of the padding is more important than the actual thickness.

Ease of installation – Obviously, installing an evenly textured carpet in a square or rectangular room will be easy and relatively inexpensive. Prices go up from there. Patterned and level cut sculptured carpets take a little more time and effort – not to mention skill – to install properly, and the installation price will be indicative of this fact. Finally, oddly shaped floors, as well as stairs, require an inordinate amount of time for carpet installation and will usually command the highest installation cost.

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