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3 Reasons to Replace Flooring in the Spring

ivcus luxury vinyl plank flooringIndustry experts agree that Spring is the best time for home remodeling and to revitalize your home’s interior, including replacing your flooring.  Spring is a time of increased sunshine, new blooms of color with shrubbery and flowers and makes for a great time to spruce up your home.  Not only will you feel a need for some basic spring cleaning, but replacing your floor during Springtime is the most advantageous time of year for a few reasons.

Temperature and humidity affect flooring installations.

There is a good reason why flooring must acclimate to the room and environment in which it will be installed, days prior to actual installation.  If flooring is not acclimated to the environment, serious problems will become evident during and after installation with warped and ill-fitting planks or tiles.  Wood flooring is especially susceptible to problems if not fully acclimated.

The cold, dry air of winter weather can dry out the flooring, which will shrink after installation causing cracking or the planks will pull apart.  Wood flooring that has been stored in hot, humid conditions will dry out and must be acclimated in an air-conditioned environment prior to installation.

The heat of a hot sweltering summer may also affect flooring installations if acclimation is not properly conducted and installed with adequate ventilation.  Which brings us to the next best reason for installing in the spring, you can open your windows.

Open the windows and ventilate the room.

Springtime is the perfect time to open the windows and air out the house, this is mandatory when installing flooring.  Ventilating the room with the outdoor air during cold winter or hot summer months could affect the flooring installation, causing planks to swell or contract. 

Install Your Flooring in Comfort 

All of this opening and closing of doors to bring material in and out, using a saw to make specific cuts in the garage going back and forth and opening windows for ventilation are all good reasons to replace flooring in the Spring.  You won’t be wasting heat in the winter or AC in the summer, not to mention what allowing cool dry air or hot humid air in would do to your acclimated floor. You’ll want a nice comfortable temperature for your own benefit as well as the outcome of your wood flooring installation.

So, go ahead and plan your new flooring installation this Spring, open the windows, enjoy the fresh air and the look of your beautiful new floor.  Contact your experienced flooring and tile center for more ideas on sprucing up your floor this Spring.

Great Western Flooring is the leading flooring and tile center serving Chicagoland with free design consultations, quality products and professional installation.  We offer a wide selection of the best names in flooring products and experienced design ideas.  Contact us to learn more about replacing your flooring in the Spring for a beautiful floor with a successful installation.   

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