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2019 Bathroom Flooring Trends

black and white bathroom mosaic tileBathroom flooring sets the tone for the entire room, whether in a small powder room or a large master bathroom.  While your bathroom floor needs to be practical and easy to clean, you also want it to be stylish and pretty.  Choosing the right floor for your bathroom is an important choice as most of us do not upgrade the bathroom floor very often.

Let’s review some of the more popular choices for bathroom flooring in 2019.

1) Wood replica tiles.  One of the biggest trends in 2019 is to use tiles that look like hardwood, even in the bathroom.  Planks that look like real hardwood are a very popular choice in many rooms, with modern flooring technology providing some great choices that work well in bathrooms.  Water resistant and waterproof vinyl flooring is manufactured to look just like real wood with such convincing wood grain and color characteristics it is difficult to tell the difference.  Don’t rule out a wood looking floor in your bathroom until you’ve reviewed all your options.

2) Black and white stenciled tiles.  Black and white stenciled tiles provide a crisp, clean vintage look, retro design and work well in farmhouse style décor.  Black and white tiles are super chic and never go out of style.  Combining black and white or gray and white stenciled tiles in various patterns can be mesmerizing and work well with various wall paneling like shiplap, wainscoting and white bead board.

3) Mosaics.  Mosaics are always classy and bring a flair of your own style through with beautiful pieces of art.  White marbled patterns are trending, although mosaics are meant to show off your style and are available in many patterns such as small squares, hexagons, chevron, herringbone, Moroccan tile and even basket weave tile.

4) Cool tones, light shades.  Light neutrals, grays and whites are popular in all rooms including bathrooms.  Light shades work well in bathrooms as most bathrooms are small rooms and the light colors tend to make a room look larger.  Yellowish beiges have become dated while a more neutral, grayish beige, or greige, are becoming a top choice.

To learn more about trending colors, shades and textures for bathroom flooring, contact the flooring specialists at Great Western Flooring.

Great Western Flooring has more than 35 years of experience pleasing customers in and around the Chicago area with quality flooring, tile and installation.  We offer complimentary design consultations from one of our convenient design centers in Naperville, Oswego or St. Charles.  Contact us today to learn more about 2019 bathroom flooring trends.

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