Laminate Flooring Maintenance

  • Sweep, dust or vacuum your laminate floor at least once per week to prevent dirt and soil from settling into it.
  • DON’T wet-mop the floor. This could cause swelling, warping, de-lamination and joint-line separation and void the warranty. Also avoid any type of buffing machine.
  • Protect your laminate floor by using entry mats, area rugs and furniture pads.
  • Use rug pads under rugs. You can purchase these at Great Western Flooring or your local home-improvement store.
  • Maintain your home’s relative humidity. A humidifier is the best way to achieve this. The ideal humidity is around 40% in the winter and 60% in the summer.
  • Use protective mats when moving furniture. Always try to lift furniture to move it, and never slide it across the floor. Placing cardboard or a cloth sheet beneath the furniture will also help protect your laminate floor from scratching and damage.
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