General Care

Though each product differs, proper care and maintenance can add years to your floor. You’ll also want to consult each manufacturer’s warranty for cleaning instructions. Here are several common practices to keep in mind when caring for your floor:

  • Use doormats and rugs at entryways and in high-traffic areas. This will keep outside pollutants such as dirt, oil, asphalt and sand from reaching your floors. It will also buffer against everyday wear and tear.
  • Use caution when moving heavy objects and furniture. Lift objects to move them; never drag them across the floor. Use a drop cloth or blanket and a dolly as well.
  • Close curtains/blinds to prevent sun damage. Many types of flooring are vulnerable to the sun, which can darken or lighten your floor. Keep your flooring and furniture safe from sun damage by closing curtains or blinds when necessary.
  • Use floor protectors on furniture. This is especially important if you have a hard- surface floor. Using felt pads or other types of wide-bearing and non-staining floor protectors will help protect your floor from potential damage.
  • Clean your floors routinely. Perhaps the best way to keep your floors like new is to maintain them properly. Each product should be cleaned differently, so consult Great Western Flooring or your product’s manufacturer for proper care.
  • Clean spills immediately. Letting spills soak into any type of flooring will make it harder to clean. Many floors can resist stain and water damage, but you’ll still always want to clean spills right away. Clean the spill from the outer edge and always blot it to prevent it from spreading.
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