Wool Carpet


Wool carpet is the most widely used carpet material around the world, as well as one of the most expensive. Wool carpet is available in many different design and colors and is often used wall to wall as well as wool carpet rugs. The rich natural fiber has increased in demand over synthetic carpets. Some carpets made of synthetics materials can irritate allergies in children and adults. However, carpets made of wool seem to irritate less allergies. Wool carpets are also very environmentally friendly and 100% renewable resource.

Even after use, wool carpets still retain their natural appearance as they have been coated naturally with a thin membrane which helps prevent dampness seeping through the carpet. Due to this it retains its texture and continue to look new even after usage. Additionally, they are nice fluffy carpets due to the bouncy fibers.


  • They do not pollute rooms as they do not trap in their fibers dust.
  • They are easily cleaned due to their stain resisting quality.
  • Referred to as green carpets due to their environment friendly characteristics
  • They help flourish the cattle farming industry due to their high demand.
  • They help maintain the warmth in a room made possible by their thermal insulation properties. So during the summer the rooms remain cool and warm in the winter.
  • They are able to trap moisture and air controlling the humidity in the home.
  • They can last for more than five decades if properly handled. Even when vacuumed, they still maintain the sheen increasing their longevity.
  • They have scales that overlap arranged in an upward manner and due to this, the dust particles remain on the surface which one can easily clean using a vacuum cleaner.
  • They help prevent allergies and asthma by absorbing the suspended dust particles preventing them entering the lungs.
  • It has been a common assumption by many, that synthetic carpets are better than those made of wool. However, for many people worldwide, this is not the case. Wool carpet is ideal for people looking for carpets that will last for years to come.

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