For those seeking an environmentally friendly, stain-resistant carpet, there’s SmartStrand™ carpet, which features renewable corn glucose. While the science behind SmartStrand™ is interesting, how it improves a home’s comfort and a homeowner’s piece of mind is its true strength.


In the past, homeowners had to compromise between stain-resistance, durability, and style as it was difficult to find carpet that embodied all those elements. However, with SmartStrand™ carpet, it’s possible to have everything required to set the style of any room while insuring the flooring is capable of withstanding high traffic while maintaining its beauty. SmartStrand™ is available in a range of colors that coordinate with any room from neutral calm to Mediterranean paradise. There are a variety of patterns offered including basic loop, ornate swirls and geometric shapes. All designed to please the senses of touch and sight.


Depending on the type of room, carpet can take a daily beating and endure moisture, spills, and dirt. One room in particular where quality, comfort, and durability take high priority is a child’s bedroom. The ability of a nursery to transition and grow with the child is essential and this includes the carpet. Babies, toddlers, and older children spend a large amount of time playing on the carpet and SmartStrand™ carpet’s environmentally friendly material combined with stain resistance that never washes or wears off means that it will endure through all stages of a child’s life.


Homeowners who choose carpet for certain rooms in their home do so primarily because they’re seeking comfort and softness in those areas. SmartStrand™ delivers outstanding comfort as its fibers have a softer feel than polyester or nylon fibers. This softness is due in part because the stain resistance of the carpet doesn’t come solely from chemicals applied to the fibers. SmartStrand™ carpet owes most of its stain resistance to fibers that are incapable of absorbing moisture. This combination of comfort even in patterns and Berber styles and stain resistance without excessive, harmful chemicals present in other carpets increases its appeal among homeowners seeking eco-friendly flooring.

Overall, SmartStrand™ carpet performs beautifully in a variety of applications. Its stain resistance along with the fact that maintains its appearance with regular vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning make it a logical and affordable choice for homeowners.

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