Olefin Carpet

Polypropolene carpet, also known as olefin, is the fastest growing segment of carpet fiber used today. Olefin is a synthetic fiber that is inexpensive and easy to produce. True olefin brands are registered by the carpet manufacturers that produce them.

Aside from being inexpensive to produce, olefin carpet is also superior its ability to resist staining. Color is added during the extrusion process instead of being topically applied later. This means that it is colorfast and is resistant to bleaches and fading from sunlight. Cleaning it is very easy, and most types of staining are non-existent.

Historically, olefin was a favored choice for outdoor use and in basements. This is because it is water resistant. When you have olefin carpet installed, you do not have to worry about mildew, staining, pilling, shedding, or water damage. It is also less expensive than nylon carpet. Olefin carpet is coming out of the basement and being featured in other rooms of the house thanks to its appearance and durability

When manufactured well, olefin is an excellent value and offers good performance. It may not be the best choice for busy public spaces, but it will hold up well in a busy living room. Higher-end olefin & polypropelene carpet performs as well as well-constructed nylon, but tends to be a bit less expensive It is an excellent choice for any family looking to enhance the look and comfort of any room in their home.

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