Textured Carpet

textured carpet

Textured Carpet

Context-ure Is Everything


Long a favorite of past generations – the 60s and 70s saw a huge demand for this particular type of carpeting. More recently, textured or “plush” carpet has recently rebounded as a favorite of interior designers and homeowners. A variety of factors have led to this latest upsurge in popularity. Here are the most common:


Improved Manufacturing – Cut-pile carpeting – as opposed to the original loop style – is one of the most common and easiest carpets to manufacture. The manufacturing process is fairly straightforward but took almost a century to perfect. The material of the carpet was woven into a backing material as a loop but then shorn on the top surface to create the “cut” look. More recent innovations allow designs to be carved into the carpeting.

Greater Functionality – Cut pile and textured carpeting can be made from a variety of materials – from synthetics like nylon to all natural materials like wool. It is imperative for a designer or homeowner to choose the right cut-pile carpet for their specific application. For example, avoiding looped textured carpeting – which is prone to snagging – if you have children or pets – is always a good idea. Consult an industry expert if you are in any doubt.

Richer Dimensions – Traditional cut-pile carpets are most often designed with a casual aesthetic in mind, especially when it comes to color and patterns. In particular, they can run the gamut from level cuts through multilevel ones to the most complicated textured patterns. Generally, however, they are an excellent choice for use in almost any room in a home, with their greater depth of feel and essentially frayless edges.

Enhanced Durability – Resilient with excellent abrasion resistance and overall wear-ability, nylon textured carpet bounces back even under the heaviest traffic. It is an ideal choice for residential hallways, office waiting rooms and other commercial area subjected to sustained use.





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