frieze carpet

One of the newer types of casual carpet, frieze is a toned-down variation of the more traditional shag carpeting. It is composed of strongly twisted fibers that stand-up better than their longer, shag cousins so footprints and dirt are not as evident. Its advantages over other types of carpeting are numerous. Here are just a few of them:

Beautiful finish – The unique appearance of frieze carpet is one of its chief selling points. The cut and twisted fibers are resilient in maintaining their shape and any contaminants fall to the base of the carpet. The result is a carpet that always looks like new and that can be cleaned easily and efficiently by simple vacuuming. Its beautiful look means that frieze has taken over a s the new carpeting of choice for the trendiest designers in the 21st century – much like shag in the 1970s and berber in the 1990s.

Enhanced durability – Frieze carpet is characterized by the tight twist – up to five per inch – in each individual fiber. These twists enable the carpet to “bounce back” after being walked, vacuumed or otherwise physically deformed from its original shape. This fact means that frieze style carpet can better withstand the ordeals of high-traffic and repeated use far better than other types of cut-pile carpet.

Warmth of feel – The insulating feature of frieze carpet is well established. In short, its high quality construction leads to a very dense carpet that can have between eight and ten strands every linear inch. The resultant weave acts as an insulator against the exterior temperature, deadens sound and provides a superior feel when one walks across it – in shoes as well as in bare feet.
Less maintenance needed – Frieze carpet hides dirt like no other textile flooring. No matter how much you’d like to keep up on the cleaning of your house, things happen and it isn’t going to get done as consistently as a homeowner would like. Frieze carpet provides a little respite by hiding dirt. Its curly nature and the thick weave of the fiber and the speckled color don’t show dirt as much as most other carpets.

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