Patterned Carpet

Pattern Carpet

Patterned Carpet

Pat-tern On The Back For Great Style


While most carpet made today is tufted or woven into closed loops, a second very popular carpet type is cut pile. In addition to the traditional style, this latter type can also be sculpted or patterned in a variety of ways. Here are some of the basics about this remarkable – and beautiful! – product:


The Manufacturing Basics
To start, a set of 800 to 1200 heavy gauge needles – think of a large-scale sewing machine – pushes carpet fibers through the underside of a piece of fabric called the carpet backing. Next, a hook-like device – known as a looper in the industry – holds the fibers in place while the needle goes back down into the backing, forming the loop.

At this point, the product is a “looped’ carpet. To create a “cut-pile,” the carpet is run through a machine where it is pulled across a series of sharp knives to create a level-cut carpet. Further steps are accomplished with a variety of machines to attain a sculpted or patterned look. Finally the carpet is dyed whole – in either vats or on a continuous dye machine – or subjected to a series of colorings to produce a less uniform look.

Customizing Patterned Carpet – One of patterned carpets most significant benefits is its customizability. An interior designer or homeowner can choose from a large array of existing patterns, adapt an existing design or even develop their own unique and distinctive look. In fact, the technology of carpet customization is so developed that the choices are virtually endless with hundreds or more possibilities.

Other Benefits of Patterned Carpet – The introduction of nylon has increased the durability and resiliency of these carpets for the commercial environment while the wool blends enhance the comfortability of home installations. It is simply a matter of making the right choice dependent upon your exact needs. In short, cut-pile carpet can be utilized effectively in almost any situation – residential or commercial.


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