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Loop Carpet

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Loop carpeting is one of the greatest textile inventions ever conceived by man. It is supremely versatile, extremely durable and also quite affordable. First developed as a hand-made product over 3000 years ago, this type of carpet has enjoyed an unrivaled popularity over the past two millennia.
In the last century, however, the process of carpet “looping” has been mechanized and this type of rug is now seen in almost every modern home. Here are some of the particulars about this versatile and extremely functional type of carpet:


The Manufacture – The manufacture of loop carpet – specifically it involves the threading of multiple strands of yarn into a tough backing material – creates thousands of yarn loops. The first ones were originally hand weaved by in the Middle East although few of these early creations have withstood the test of time. More recently, cultures as diverse as the Chinese, the Irani and the Pakistani have kept the hand-made mode alive. Other countries like England and the United States have mechanized the process. In fact, these days, loop or “non-cut” pile carpets make up almost 40% of the retail carpet trade.

The Benefits – For better or worse, loop carpet does not allow dirt and grime to migrate down to the lower layers of its construction. This fact means that homeowners who regularly clean their loop cut carpet will enjoy a far cleaner environment. Unfortunately, those homeowners who are not proactive will have a significantly more difficult time cleaning their carpets on a less dutiful time frame. In other words, clean your loop carpet on a regular weekly schedule or pay the price in time, money and aggravation when you try to clean the carpet every six months.

The Bottom Line – While loop carpeting is not the ideal option for some situations, it is an incredibly versatile and appropriate choice for most. For example, loop carpeting can be used in areas as diverse as family rooms, basements, pool houses and even garage workshops. In short, its manufacturing process means that it can endure the worst that Mother Nature and human beings can dish out. Grime, dirt and other contaminants are always a problem but a loop carpet makes the entire cleaning process a whole lot easier.




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